Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The customers are entitled to cancel their subscription to our services in the unfortunate event they are not satisfied with the provided services. In that event an email needs to be sent at The customers must note that the cancellation will come in effect from the beginning of their next month billing cycle. The customers will get the notification in their registered email address. They will get two separate notifications one for their service request and other for the confirmation of their subscription cancellation. In case the customers don’t get the notification they are requested to kindly notify us again through email at

Refund of Services

The refund of services is granted on the basis of services availed from us. The refund will be initiated into the original account from where the payment was received. The refund shall be given in proportion of time left in the subscription. The remaining time shall be calculated on the basis of time left from the next billing month. For example, if the customer had taken 1- year subscription and four months have already passed then the refund for the remaining months will be done. To avail money back guarantee the customer must apply for a refund within 30 days of availing the subscription. The customers must email their name, account number, number of months remaining and the reason for the cancellation of subscription in their email. The money would be refunded within 3 working days into their account.

30 days Money Back Guarantee

In the event of Subscription based plans: In the rare and unfortunate event of experts failing to resolve any problems encountered by the client a request for refund can be filed within 10 days and the complete money of the subscription based plans shall be returned to the client. Money back guarantee can be availed within 30 days of taking the subscription if the client feels that none of his/ her queries have got revealed. If the Money Back Guarantee is availed within 30 days for no query to have been resolved then 50% of the amount will be reimbursed to the client. If only one query of the client was resolved and the client is not satisfied with the resolutions and files for money back guarantee then the client will be charged on the case basis and the remaining amount shall be reimbursed to the client. However, in the event of any other claim raised by the client reserves the right to decide upon the claim on its own discretion and thorough deliberation on the validity of the claim and can decide to refund on pro-rata basis or no refund at all depending upon case to case and the validity of the claim as deemed necessary. however has all the rights to modify or replace all the costs, plans, facilities, structures, contents, schemes put on the website and whatever point deemed necessary by the management without prior notification and no one shall have any rights or claim over that.

In the event of incidental plans: the incidental plans carry a money back guarantee of 7 days beginning from the day of the 1st incident. The refund in case money back guarantee shall be given to all eligible subscribers who fulfill the following criterion: the subscriber had an active plan and even possessed all the pre-requisites for receiving the resolution yet the technical experts were not able to provide the satisfactory resolution for the problem.

  • In the event that the problem brought up by the client is entirely out of the scope of technical experts.

In case the issue resolved by the instant-solution experts has resurfaced within a period of 10 days from the date of solving it for the first time.


The customers are notified that no customer who has availed the services once during the subscription period is eligible for filing a chargeback. In case the customer files a chargeback without asking for a refund would become ineligible for receiving refunds from us.